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Blue switches don’t require as much effort to push down as a typewriter key, but they’re towards the upper end of the scale when it comes to mechanical keyboards. I think the balance will be nice for someone who is in IT along with both gaming and typing for papers, documents, etc. have the lowercase symbol etched at the TOP of the key-face, while the uppercase symbol is etched at the bottom of the key-face. Thought so. Zealios are like the caviar of keyboard switches, and you'll pay a premium for them. I’m typing right now on a 25-year-old Model M, meticulously restored for me by Maxx at Summary: these new Hyperglide Cherry MX Blacks are fantastic, especially with lube. I posted your question there, and there’s already one response. Vortexgear Cypher 65% with Cherry MX Clear There was a time when Cherry had a hold on mechanical switch technology, but now there’s an incredible amount of companies making switches. If you’re still having trouble deciding, get a sampler off of amazon. Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 23. Kailh/Kaihua . > you may also I prefer custom built to off the shelf in everything from cars to clothes to computers and perhephrials. I love blue because I like the tactical feedback and the clickity clack. Since we are on the topic of Cherry MX switches, two of the most popular type of switches in the market are Cherry MX Red switches, and MX Blue switches. Lasting Value. Cherry switches are actually pretty damn expensive, compared to Kailh clones, and they’re made in small numbers by a company that doesn’t have maximum production as their primary aim. I have that same keyboard. This enables tighter tolerance and quality assurance protocols, to make sure that every switch lasts. It is literally impossible, since the vast, vast majority of new mechanical keyboards being sold use Cherry switches in a rainbow of incomphrehensible colors... part of the reason I wrote the answer I did is because I needed to remind myself what the differences are when looking at the new Corsair keyboard, etc, and I already went through the mechanical keyboard buying process once! You can select your preferred language independent from your country. Po wciśnięciu na 2mm klawisz jest aktywowany, natomiast maksymalna głębokość na jaką możemy klawisz wcisnąć to 4mm. His last point is on the Cherry MX Red switches, which Corsair believes are the most optimal due to their “extremely light tactile […], […] Keyboard Company have a fun blog, An introduction to Cherry MX mechanical switches, accompanied by these great animated GIFs that visually explain the differences in the colors of […], […] resources: Guide to Switches | Intro Mechanical Switches | Keyboard […], […] (If you’re a nerd like me and are interested in this sort of mechanical feedback, you can check out this lovely article that gives a general introduction to Cherry MX mechanical switches: The Keyboard Company) […], […] MX Red per chi volesse approfondire la tematica di funzionamento di suddetti switches consigliamo: Per una panoramica dettagliata e una visione preliminare è assolutamente consigliabile dare una […], […] to go on and on (and on) about why mechanical keyswitches are best, and which “color” Cherry switches they prefer, etc. Arrives before Christmas Only 19 left in stock - order soon. The feel and sound of the keys are really important to me considering how much time I spend on a keyboard both at work and at home. Thanks so much for this very informative article, William. The Cherry MX Brown switches, on the other hand, require that the switch filament opposes motion for a brief moment. This KB makes some noise as I type very fast when I am writing, and it is a tad sluggish for simple gaming uses. Nope, they are very cheap switches, sorry you didn’t know that. The Cherry MX Speed silver key switch closely resembles the Cherry MX red switch, but it is the only switch in the family that is not classified on the basis of color (it appears silver or grey). In modern mechanical keyboards, each key has a dedicated switch typically made by the Cherry Corporation that converts the mechanical key press into the electrical impulses required by the CPU to be able […], […] clicky, physically responsive and tactile keys instead of the smooth linear ones. I recently started looking at some high end keyboards and noticed something strange, specifically referencing Corsair K70RGB and Razer Chroma V2: All the keys with 2 symbols, such as numbers and the “<" etc. Available keyswitch colors vary per country. When playing FPSs, since you have to keep pressing W to advance for a long time, I get kinda tired… do you feel something like that? Edit: I'll also mention that I don't know what Razer orange switches I tried It’s true, but the article is only about Cherry MX switches, not all mechanical switches. Click-style keyswitches tend to have higher reset positions and require greater actuation force, so they … For now, however, we want to draw a comparison between Razer’s opto-mechanical switches and the Cherry MX switches to see which one comes out at the top. Very […], […] Introduction to different types of Mechanical Switches. “Green switches are a stiffer version of Blue switches, with a tactile bump and audible click, weighted at 80 cN. When you start typing with them however, you’ll ask yourself how you’ve gone so long without one. Audible click. […], An introduction to Cherry MX mechanical switches, The Office Show & the Matias Wireless Folding Keyboard for iOS. satisfyingly weighty feel without feeling too heavy. Regretfully I haven’t tried the Ergodox so I can’t really help. Further, both switches have lines of silent variations if you want reduced noise levels. I was gunning for a Corsair Strafe RGB, but after trying all of the switches I was disappointed to see that they typically come in the 3 common switch types; red, blue, and the browns. Click Feel. Blues being a “typists’ switch” is largely a matter of reputation; I personally write with brown switches primarily and know people that write with every other kind of switch. You said it feels like the old keyboards from the 80’s, I remember those well. This is great, really helped my decision. I must take issue with one thing, though—the widespread misunderstanding that stiffer switches are harder to use: > [re MX Blacks] The stronger spring also means that they rebound faster, It depends on your finances I […], […] Cherry MX is a company that until recently had a patent on certain kinds of keyboard switches. Le rétroéclairage RGB dynamique et précis à la touche près crée des effets lumineux et renversants personnalisables à l’i For information about how COVID-19 has affected our business operations, click here. It is possible to silence them and lube them to decrease the sound that they make. The smoother movement makes these switches quieter than tactile and click switches. Sort By: Show: Cherry MX Clear Keyswitch - Plate Mount - Tactile - 10 Pack (Cherry) $10.00. Thanks for the Cherry MX mechanical switches KB explanation. While the four switches listed above are found on the vast majority of mechanical keyboards with Cherry switches, quite a few other variants exist as well. But another regular feature of gaming gear is the encumbrance of superfluous […], […] dalších variant, které zde nemá smysl rozepisovat. Cherry MX are the most popular […], […] purpose. will, what is your favourite cherry mx switches? So, what is so special about the IBM Model […], […] of the above with diagrams and the more obscure types of switch is in the very detailed guide from The Keyboard Company […], […] Coolermaster Quick Fire Pro mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Brown switches. I bought a ducky 3 with it and returned it and got browns Here is an explanation of them all: An introduction to Cherry MX mechanical switches | The Keyboard Company […], […] deciding which keyboard to buy, I also had to decide which type of key switch to get. Contain lower actuation point yet feel consistent. Search for “Cherry MX Dampeners”. They’re well suited for gaming and typing. w tym artykule). They are preferred by gamers who prioritize accuracy over speed and users who enjoy instantly knowing whether a key was pressed. Some enthusiasts prefer Cherry for their company's history of innovation and quality. This makes it easier to know that you’ve hit the activation point. I know that makes it possible for the lowercase to be lit up, but why do the key makers (Cherry, Razer) not insert the LEDs in the keys such that these keys have standard layouts? Great article, and this helped me pick the switch I want and how they work. Their most popular line of switches, the Cherry MX series, was introduced around 1985. , this was great, I had no idea what all the Cherry MX hopla was about until doing a search and running across this story, thanks . Great if you want a linear switch that prevents pressing a key accidentally. Come and visit for more switch info Vote on which you like the best! For more, see our Intro to Cherry MX mechanical switches. We even sell Unicomp / buckling spring keyboards ourself! It was my first mechanical keyboard. Of course, many people love them that way, but it’s a feature they can’t shake off. The feel of Cherry MX green switches are often compared to that of the "buckling spring" switches on original IBM Model M keyboards. As you press the key down, there is a noticeable bump which lets you know that your key press has been registered. Try ALPS/Matias switches, you get typing good at 60/wpm, you begin to annoy the neighbors, they really are the loudest switch out there, but man, do they have tactility. I have used an inexpensive, regular PC KB, a Dell, with rounded keys that is one of the fastest and most accurate KBs I’ve used. Finally, if you’d like to pick up a few switches to play around with, then you can do so on our switches page. Brand. Extrayendo la información y las imágenes de la página de The Keyboard Company, podemos mostrar las diversas […], […] modelo de teclado se vende en dos versiones, una con los mecanismos azules de Cherry y otro con los marrones. If anyone is looking for info on switches not covered in this guide, deskthority is a much better resource. I like the greens, whites, and blues the best. It could mean a number of things, but here’s one: I think it feels great for typing, I get that exact “weighty feel” you talked about in your first remark. BTW: I really enjoy the blue backlighting on this KB. Excellent for office use. It’s a low-end KB with a mew price point around apprx. I only accidentally bottom out every once in a while if I’m in a hurry. Aside from its unique curved […], […] just use the included Corsair software to do all the programming that way. for responding. The only bad thing is that they’re difficult to find in physical stores. I hope this has been useful – if you have any questions, feel free to share them in the comments below! They keyboard will still add weight, but for mechanical keyboard […], […] would be easier to work with and would provide better tactile feedback for users. The stronger spring also means that they rebound faster, meaning they can be actuated quite quickly given enough force – although you may also find fatigue becomes more of a factor than with other switches. For more info on the differences between MX switches see here. ©2020 Kingston Technology Corporation, 17600 Newhope Street, Fountain Valley, CA 92708 USA. you prefer me to brown or blue? ÉCLAIREZ VOTRE BUREAU. The company was moved to Germany in 1967 and bought by ZF Friedrichshafen AG in 2008, but keyboards and mechanical switches are still produced under the Cherry brand. A responsive, reliable keyboard is required gear when you dive into the latest battleground royale, hottest FPS games, legendary MOBAs, and epic MMO worlds. In this article, we’ll look at the many different kinds of Cherry switches on the market and see how they compare to one another. Other Mechanical Switch Manufacturers . So left out of this discussion is the “buckling spring” keyboard switch from the old IBM style keyboards. You just need to read on them and try them out, there’s no way getting around of it. I like to touch and play with keyboards before I purchase them. This can cause some trouble with double-tapping. Different colors also mean different characteristics. First, the Cherry MX switches are well known for their characteristics and are a legitimate de facto standard. Appropriately […], […] paths and roads in a game. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. thanks so much in advance. I think that it's best if you give a read to this: An introduction to Cherry MX mechanical switches | The Keyboard Company It explains how the switches work. Kailh Silver Speed keyswitches have the shortest actuation point of all the keyswitches we carry. This is why they're tied. To learn more about the differences between Cherry MX switches, visit The Keyboard Company. Now that we’ve explained a bit of the background information, we can have a look at the switches themselves – starting with the four most common varieties. It’s really nice to game on without the distraction of the It is primarily used for space bars.”. (1.2mm actuation point). Cherry MX Blue vs. Brown Switches Comparison Table. Made my search for a mechanical keyboard a lot easier. I have a CMStorm hand-me-down mechanical keyboard. Cherry a probablement produit ce switch pour concurrencer les nouveaux types de switch avec des points d’actuation plus hauts. $11.99 $ 11. Cherry MX switches that are used. The best Cherry MX switch for gaming, typing, or any given task is the one that you prefer. SteelSeries make a Cherry Red switch version now that’s much easier on the fingers. Kailh. The keys give pleasant feedback to your touch and snap back to the “ready” position quickly after being released and feel much more lively than a conventional keyboard. I have the Compaq PS/2 Slim Keyboard Model 5137, does anyone know what type of switch this keyboard uses? They have found use in RTS video games, where the high weighting can prevent accidental key presses that might occur on less stiff switches. If we ever get boring, you can ‘unsubscribe’ by clicking the link at the bottom of our emails. Después de mucho leer sobre las diferencias entre ambos, para teclear todo el mundo recomendaba […], […] […], […] Cherry MX Blue was first made in 2007 and has become the most popular model for people who, like myself, have to […], […] The MX Red switches (which I received) were designed for gaming and have a low actuation force, allowing for rapid actuation. You’re probably fine with typing on them since you’ve grown accustomed to the feeling but once you try out a mechanical keyboard’s switches, your typing experience will change forever. Gateron vs Cherry Gateron vs Cherry is a big question within the mechanical keyboard community. Light and the fastest switch. The casing is extended at the bottom so that you can rest your wrists on it. Has anybody tried the full hand keyboard? This means that any motion beyond that point is wasted time and energy. Cherry MX mechanical key switch comparison. Any enlightenment on this design would be welcome. So there we have it – information on the various MX switches produced by Cherry and now ZF Electronics. Craft and Draft: The Most Important Tool of the Writing Trade | Literature and Libation, nKeyboard Mechanic LED mech KeyBoard review | MikesGear, Keyboard is Coming! Compact keyboard featuring custom HyperX mechanical switches. The short answer is if you aren’t a hardcore gamer and would like to have a …read […], […] 60% the size of a full width keyboard, has a metal casing and PBT keycaps sitting on your choice of Cherry MX switches, giving you control over key pressure and click loudness. I think you’ll like the tactical feedback of the brown switches better than the red. I’m just wondering how big it is and if it’s practical or just a selling feature. Several of the guys at work have MX Blues. I first used brown switches and then upgraded for red ones (linear), I find them more relaxing. Click-style keyswitches tend to have higher reset positions and require greater actuation force, so they may perform a bit slower in rapid-tap situations. Great summary! I also do want to know which red/brown switches are better though! Hello Brook! The Cherry MX switches are named after their stem color. , Here’s a reddit thread about it: Ps. I would assume it has rubber dome (e.g non mechanical) switches. Because of this quality, you will be paying for it. Contain shrill and noisy snap. All rights reserved. Cherry switches have an advertised lifespan of up to 100 million actuations, depending on switch type. The blues are easier to push down than you may think, personally I feel that blues are as easy to push down as the browns. I type at home so I’m not worrying about the noise bothering anyone. Cherry Brown and Razer Orange both have things I dislike about them. The essential difference is how heavily weighted each key is, and how much noise […], […] ות מקלדת עם מקשים ורודים וציורים של גולגלות, והלכתי על Cherry MX Brown סולידית […], […] The distinction that a mechanical switch brings to your typing isn’t readily visible from the outside. Le Cherry MX Speed est le seul switch de la gamme Cherry MX qui n’est pas identifié par la couleur de sa monture (qui est grise, au cas où vous vous le demandiez). The Cherry MX Speed silver key switch closely resembles the Cherry MX red switch, but it is the only switch in the family that is not classified on the basis of color (it appears silver or grey). The ten-line E-Ink screen is front-lit, and it pulls triple […], […] cm (LxAxP), seu gabinete é feito de alumínio e o seu teclado é do tipo mecânico (tecnologia Cherry MX Brown) o que deve explicar em parte o seu peso de 1,8 kg, o que inclui uma bateria interna de Li-Po com […], […] Razer’s equivalent to Cherry MX Blues (if you are not too familiar with mechanical switches, I’d give this a read). The blues remind me of the old IBM PC/XT keyboards. Don’t get me wrong, Cherry switches are still amazing quality. Almost as popular as the Browns, MX Blue are everyone's favorite "clicky" switch. Keep reading this page to find the best mechanical keyboard switch for your needs -- not someone else’s opinion about what you should use. But then why do manufacturers not MOVE the LED and put the “proper” keycaps on in the 1st place. Brand History Gateron Gateron switches are made in Southern … You’d think it would be easy given my last post, where I said I wanted the Filco Convertible […], […] faster, even though I don’t gain much because I only use my two index fingers to type. Cherry MX is a German-made brand of key switches that are manufactured for mechanical keyboards. You’re probably not going to believe this but I am the one that created those switch animations. […], […] Cherry MX Red), each of which has a unique combination of weighting and feedback. Maybe the symbols are not as bright, but at least they are in the visually “proper”places. Just get a Model M keyboard. Lighter switches move so easily, it’s hard to control their travel, so you almost always bottom out. Red switches have been marketed as a gaming switch, with the light weighting allowing for more rapid actuation, and have become increasingly common in gaming keyboards. Cherry switch keyboards from 20+ years ago are still working fine, so I think they’re fine in terms of reliability…

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