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Methods.Temperatures were maintained at 65° F night and 75-84° F day. This plant makes an attractive ground cover when not in flower and is spectacular when flowering. In autumn, purplish-blue, lobster- like in appearance flowers are carried in fairly dense, elongated spikes. Gardeners with plenty of sun and winter frost can try this bright pairing of the Golden Daisy Bush and the blue/ mauve lobster-like flowers of Plectranthus neochilus. Hard pruning is suggested after flowering. Please contact me so I can tell you how the plants are doing! I know, I know, but I love this plant. By Rick Schoellhorn, University of Florida, Mark Your Calendars for the 2020 Michigan Garden Plant Tour, Syngenta Flowers Highlights Summer Trials Results, The Trials of Flower Trials in a Pandemic, Effect of Growing Media on Common Greenhouse Pests, Growing from the Ground Up: Poinsettia and Mum Production in Wood Substrates, From Family Farm to Controlled Environment Agriculture: Integrating Plant Science and Technology, Central Garden & Pet Acquires Hopewell Nursery, Sakata’s New Zinnia Earns Two Gold Medals. Don’t forget P. madagascariensis, the variegated trailing type, with green and whiteleaves; it is a must in most mixed containers. We ran the exact same study using 26 species and hybrids ofplectranthus, as well as ‘Cat’s Whiskers’ (Orthosiphon stamineus) and ‘Red Queen’ trailing coleus (Solenostemonrheneltianus or S.scutellarioides). Everyone I know whoproduced this plant sold out immediately, and I think it will hold its place asa top novelty crop for quite a few more years. This species flowers in autumn and intermittently through spring and summer. We also drenched allplants with 1/4 ppm paclobutrazol two weeks after pinch. Plectranthus neochilus 'Mike's Fuzzy Wuzzy' is a perennial, aromatic, succulent herb, that grows as a ground-hugging mat up to 1 foot (30 cm) tall. Here, we showcase the ‘Pietersburg’ form. The cuttings all formed the same number of main branchesafter pinch, but it is flower initiation that gets all the secondary branchinggoing and gives the plant its rounded habit. Bright diffused light. You can flower Mona under 14-hours or less; 14 hours oflight will flower later and be larger than a 12-hour crop. The experiment was repeated at three planting dates: Sept. 03, 2002;Dec. 04, 2002; and March 05, 2003. Perennial plant, but requires periodic renewal. Use in landscaping as a border, filler, edging, ground cover and mass planting. This is a hardy, versatile, aromatic herbaceous perennial, which forms an attractive groundcover even when the plant is not in flower and is suitable both for shady subtropical and sunny water-wise gardens. Plectranthus neochilus has purple-blue small spur flowers and rounded, slightly scalloped gray-green, fragrant foliage. Transfer: It is desirable to transplant annually. We evaluated time from plantto first visible bud and full flower. Plectranthus neochilus < Back to search results Go to Plants of the Week Advanced Search. New Caledonia, Fiji, Australia, Africa, Polynesia. They spread like a mounding ground cover and can be propagated through cuttings. The beautiful deep blue to purple flowers are borne on a terminal inflorescence of lobster-like flowers from September to April. Coleus neochilus (previously Plectranthus neochilus), known as the Smelly Spur Flower, is a hardy, versatile, low growing shrub or ground-cover suitable for both semi-shade and full sun water-wise gardens. Gray-green, rounded, slightly scalloped leaves are attractive, but the skunk-like aroma carries for quite a distance on hot, sunny days. Best foliage forms. Plectranthus neochilus Schltr. Required fields are marked *. The deep blue and purple flowers are borne from September to April. Average. ‘Athens Gem’ and ‘Nicodemos’ are all strong foliage interestin the green to white variegation area; all are somewhat upright and best in4-inch or gallons. Treatments. ‘Nicoletta’ and P. tomentosus seem like the same plant to me but give excellent gray color in aprostrate habit. An attractive low-growing and spreading groundcover with grey-green succulent leaves. The genus Plectranthus includes more than 350 species of annual and perennial plants, including commonly grown ornamentals such as Cuban oregano (P. … If the plant growth slows and the leaves are too small, this suggests the need for emergency transplant.Stretched stems and small pale leaves indicate a lack of light. Once the plant is in bloom, no one hasany problems, except that they can’t get enough cuttings. Description: Plectranthus neochilus is a decumbent to erect undershrub 10-50 cm tall often much branched and bushy. It can be taken for the composition of their own making: 1 part leaf, 1 part coarse sand or perlite, 1 part peat. that would be almost a third of the numberthere are of petunia cultivars! Box 128 Outside this Yeshiva is a large planter of Plectranthus neochilus, a ground cover species that has playfully been given the names of Dog Gone and Scaredy … The Plec thrives in arid, inhospitable verges, on exposed, rocky ground and dry gardens. Both forms of P. zuluensis that we had in the trial were stunning, but it tookthem over 90 days to get into flower, I’m hoping that is just heat delaybecause they have really come on strong since we started to get cooler nights.The last plant on the list was a surprise; it was ‘Zulu Wonder’ fromEuroAmerican Propagators; this foliage form came out with 12- to 14-inch spikesof pale lavender pink and is incredible when it is in bloom. Prune this plant hard after flowering. Plectranthus neochilus (Lobster Flower) - A perennial, aromatic, succulent herb, which grows as a ground-hugging wide spreading mat under 1 foot tall (a little taller in shade or when well watered) with rounded slightly scalloped gray-green foliage and deep blue and purple flowers that rise 3 to 6 inches above the foliage from spring through late fall (some say they bloom year-round). Th… Plectranthus neochilus 'Mike's Fuzzy Wuzzy' (Variegated Lobster Flower) - A perennial, aromatic, succulent herb, which grows as a ground-hugging mat under 1 foot tall (a little taller in shade or when well watered) with rounded slightly scalloped gray-green foliage and deep blue and purple flowers that rise 3 to 6 inches above the foliage from spring through late fall to nearly year-round. Ten-hour day plants flowered approximately the same time as12-hour treatments but were delayed by heat (both at initiation and duringdevelopment) under blackcloth and were of a lower quality because there was notenough light in a given day to develop strong plants. Without flower initiation you getlong, straight stems and a tall, irregular habit. GPN recognizes 40 industry professionals under the age of 40 who are helping to determine the future of the horticulture industry. These fanciful foliage plants are easy to grow and make excellent houseplants or container plants. Sparta, MI 49345. The leaves are quite succulent, soft, lightly furry, sticky to the touch and their edges are somewhat saw-toothed. The shade plants always look better. In winter, the temperature is not lower than + 50 ° F. If the temperature is too high and there is insufficient lighting in the winter, the shoots are stretched out. . It has greatpotential but will require short days to flower. In the summer it can be carried out on the balcony or planted in the garden. On too bright sun the leaves turn yellow and curl or become brown and dry up. Pour preferably with soft water. Although this plant isn't most notable for its blooms, its foliage takes center stage adding plenty of texture to the garden space. So lesson number one:The longer the day length, the longer the plants grow vegetative. However, in the landscape they excel in hot, drylocations, flower freely all season (flowers are not very impressive) and add astrong gray tone to the landscape. Plectranthus neochilus has been overlooked by many urban gardeners until now, and the current drought has raised its profile as a generous and tough succulent groundcover for city landscapes. The leaves may fall off, and the stems may rot in the base from excessive watering. That’s okay, it means Northerngrowers can get flowers for spring sales. In winter, it should be watered occasionally and gradually; excessive watering can lead to the occurrence of fungal diseases. A daylength of 12 hours or less promotes flowering. six months. . This plant makes an attractive ground cover when not in flower and is spectacular when flowering. All rights reserved. Plectranthus 'Mona Lavender' grows well as a houseplant in bright, indirect light or partial sun. Ships bare root with some soil. Flowering is not very decorative, weakens the plant and gives it a slovenly appearance, so it is better to remove flowers in a timely manner. P.O. Some call this South African succulent perennial Lobster Flower, but it also goes under the names of Green Aroma, Dogbane, or Spur Flower; its botanic name is Plectranthus neochilus. They perform well as ground covers in warm dry areas, but can be successfully grown in shade as well. Planting time did not really affect the time to flower, sounder similar temperatures, plants will flower in roughly the same amount oftime. This makes it easy to schedule crops for most seasons. In spring, the shoots of old plants should be cut off radically, leaving about 10 cm for more abundant growth and bushiness. Plectranthus neochilus (Lobster Flower) | World of Succulents Plectranthus grows fast enough. These plants make anincredible late summer/fall display in the Southern landscape, but landscapeperformance farther North is unknown. These plants never budded in the experiment. Plants should not be allowed to dry out. In spring to summer, bloom stalks extend 6.0" above the foliage and produce tall, purple flowers. Even when not in flower, the foliage colour provides interest to the garden. Plectranthus neochilus and Euryops pectinatus . However, complete drying of the soil is not allowed, because this can cause the leaves to fall off. Plectranthus neochilus (Lobster Flower) is a perennial ground cover with highly fragrant, partially scalloped, ovate leaves. Smelly Spur Flower Overview. Good drainage is required. P.argentatus and P. argentatus ‘Variegatus’ are definitely tops on my list; they are horsy andgangly without PGRs but extremely sensitive to them, both cultivars wereoverdosed at 1/4 ppm. Please note: coloration and shape varies for this It spreads as a lush mat and even has a menthol-like fragrance. During the vegetation period from April to October1-2 times a month with liquid fertilizer, diluted two-fold. Description Plectranthus neochilus is a fairly hardy, evergreen, mounding small shrub with attractive, grey-green, succulent leaves that smell pungent when bruised. . However, direct light in the summer adversely affects the growth and development of the plectrum. This Plectranthus has succulent, grey-green leaves, which form an attractive ground cover even when the plant is not in flower. Often planted in the landscape of difficult areas, the plant may become a little stressed in very dry conditions, but would revive when it receives some water. Blossoms more often in the summer, forms nondescript inflorescences-spikelets. Very often adult plectranthus is replaced with young plants, resuming from cuttings. The information inFigure 2, page 16, tells you what we found. Plectranthus tolerates dry air in apartments. The plant is affected by mealy moth, spider mite, and spoon-dew. Prefers to be well watered and in partial shade. Last of all Plectranthusciliatus ‘Gold Coin’ (and other similartypes) have the lime green foliage that really works great in shady mixedcontainers. Get one year of Greenhouse Product News in both print and digital editions for free. Rootedliners from Ball Floraplant were pinched at planting and placed immediatelyunder photoperiod treatments. © 2020 Great American Media Services & Greenhouse Product News. Plants were grown in 4-inch pots using Fafardnumber 52 mix with 150 ppm 20-20-20 constant feed. Family: Lamiaceae. Plectranthus very easily multiplies by apical cuttings, which take root in the water. Plectranthus ‘Nico’ also has a very nice flowering of smallspikes of white-pink flowers. It grows well in sunny positions and will tolerate light shade. Family: Lamiaceae Synonym: Coleus cannis Botanical Pronunciation: plek-TRAN-thus nee-oh-KY-lus They can easily be propagated from softwood cuttingsand would multiply in the garden. A word of caution:Light pollution from streetlights, etc., can easily hamper flower initiation.During the vegetative stages of growth, plants seem to be sensitive to this.Once flowers are open and the plant is in full bloom, it is slower to revert tonon-flowering. I think there isstill a lot of room for new cultivars and new forms. Flowering is not very decorative, weakens the plant and gives it a slovenly appearance, so it is better to remove flowers in a timely manner. Your email address will not be published. APNI* Description: Unpleasantly aromatic, decumbent to erect, perennial herb 12–50 cm high; branches succulent, finely and minutely hairy, or sparsely to densely covered with short and long hairs and scattered orange-red sessile glands. The quickesttreatments to flower were 12-hour days; 14-hour plants bloomed about two weekslater and were 2-3 inches taller. It has grayish green scallop shaped fuzzy leaves. Lastnote: Cool nights help lock in flower initiation, so if you can droptemperatures in the night cycle, you’ll speed initiation and deepen flowercolor. Beautiful as a house plant or in a garden: They grow into a shrub-like shape and look wonderful in hanging planters. Your email address will not be published. Plectranthus responds well to organic top dressing. Pinch as needed to keep bushy and compact in annual containers or beds. Funny thing is that these are also monsters when they are notgrowth regulated and very sensitive to treatment as well. The spur flower or lobster flower, botanically known as Plectranthus neochilus, is a hardy herb from the eastern parts of South Africa and some neighbouring countries to the north.In South Africa it is a perennial; to the north and in colder climates where it battles with frost, it is sometimes an annual. They are used to scare away snakes from human dwellings (perhaps because of their unpleasant aromatic smell) and other documented reports indicate that these plants can be used effectively as an air purifier. Very often adult plectranthus is replaced … Plectranthusciliatus ‘Gold Coin’ has beautiful, goldengreen foliage but could not handle the higher light levels, and warmtemperatures in this experiment, and all plants were lost, so grow thesechartreuse foliage types shaded and cool for best growth. There are long- and short-day forms in nature, so breedersmay be able to bring more of the great qualities plectranthus offer without thephotoperiod issues sometime in the future. A generous and tough groundcover for city landscapes Long overlooked by many urban gardeners, Plectranthus neochilus has seen a recent surge in popularity with the current drought raising its profile as a generous and tough succulent groundcover for city landscapes. Others are not reliable bloomersunder the best of conditions; these include most of the P. amboinicus types, including ‘Athens Gem’. It is desirable to transplant annually. View other plants in this … Plectranthus neochilus (lobster flower) is an ideal groundcover plant for dry, sunny areas. Especially in need of bright light variegated varieties. My picks for best flowering formsinclude Mona Lavender, of course, but also P. ecklonii and P. ecklonii ‘Erma’ which are shrub-like reaching 5-6 feet in thelandscape, and flowering purple and pink, respectively. Shown in 2 inch pots. Height, width and number of stems formedper plant measurements were taken, along with observations on plant developmentand quality. 75 Applewood Drive, Suite A Coleus neochilus is frost tender. Day and night temperatures of 50-80°F are fine year round. They can be planted directly in the soil. Common names: smelly coleus, blue coleus, lobster flower (Eng. ); rotstuinsalie (Afr.) I do not know any flowering plant that matches Mona’s shade tolerance, with the possible exception of lily turf (Liriope spp.) And if there is a real flaw or challenge with this plant, Plectranthus neochilus is rather frost tender melting to the ground if temperatures dip below 30°F Blue flowers of Plectranthus neochilus - Lobster Flower. Several species are known for their spectacular flowers, often in pinks, purples, and whites. Stems root very readily and the plant extends, where it forms a tidy cluster. (Figure 1, below). Plectranthus Neochilus (Dogbane, Lobster Flower, Spur Flower, Vick’s Plant) is a low maintenance fragrant perennial. Ten-(standard chrysanthemum scheduling), 12-, 14- and 16-hour day treatments wereevaluated. In winter, it is advisable to plant the plant on the south-west window, spring it away from it by 1 m. Plectranthus is not particularly demanding on soil, but it does not grow well in heavy clay mixtures. Lobster Flower (Plectranthus neochilus variegata): A velvety ground cover plant with gorgeous, variegated foliage.The green and cream striped leaves are thin and long with a scalloped margin. Some ofthem were heavily growth regulated by the application of paclobutrazol, whichkept them from growing very much or flowering. It bears interesting, lobster-like blue-purple flowers that are borne on angular bracts, carried on tall stems above the foliage. Winter and summer watering is moderate. Flowers are purple blue inflorescent spikes. It has rounded, slightly scalloped, gray-green leaves and deep blue and purple flowers. In the summer: room temperature; it is useful that at night the temperature is a little lower, this will contribute to the formation of a more compact crown of the plectrant. We could shut off flowering entirely by lighting to a16-hour day. It will produce a blue/purple flower. Cut me a little slack, andI promise I won’t be back to this crop for at least. Plectranthus neochilus also called as Blue Coleus, Lobster bush, Fly bush, Mosquito bush, is a species of the genus Plectranthus. Hmmm. Plextrants are grown as ampel plants, used for compositions and as ground cover crops. According to the International Plant Names Index(, there may be as many as many as 700 different kinds ofplectranthus out there. In summer, water more, but the soil should dry a little before the next watering, and the leaves slightly tied. It is a perennial, aromatic, succulent herb, which grows up to 500 mm high and 600 mm wide. If you want to add it to the cue, or if you can provide any additional information, photos or reliable use records for this muthi plant, please leave a comment below, or in The Muthi Flora of southern Africa Facebook group.. Ethno Medicinal Uses of Plectranthus neochilus . So, I’ve had Mona Lavender blooming all summer in the shade and2-3 hours of full sun in Florida. Plectranthus neochilus (Blue Coleus, Lobster Flower) is not in the Expanded Monograph processing cue. You can flower Mona under 14-hours or less; 14 hours oflight will flower later and be larger than a 12-hour crop. Always use a pot with an opening. Lobster bushes can tolerate wide temperature ranges, dry conditions and almost any soil, but prefer a well-drained sandy loam in full sun or partial shade. The flowering types generally bloom outdoors during the short days of … A rare beauty, Plectranthus Neochilus aka Lobster Flower or Fuzzy Wuzzy plant. Also need to periodically pinch the young shoots. Your email brought to mind a certain Yeshiva, or Torah academy, located in Jerusalem, Israel’s capital city. Plectranthus grows fast enough. We were doing some work for Ball Floraplant on ‘MonaLavender’ in response to grower trouble getting this incredible plant intoflower quickly without growing too tall. It grows very quickly, for 1 season shoots are 15-20 cm longer. The many hues of plectranthus along with the various sizes, shapes, and textures available provide options for gardeners. There were several cultivars that never bloomed. Best flowering forms.

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