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300 wsm vs 7mm rem mag

Love the sev mag. 1. Own the 7 mm RM. The biggest difference between the two cartridges is the size and weight of the bullets they fire though: the 7mm Remington Magnum uses .284″ bullets and the .300 Winchester Magnum uses .308″ bullets. Have you ever considered the 270 WSM? As you can see in the table below comparing those four loads, the .300 Win Mag has a small edge, but there isn’t a gigantic difference in the ballistics of the cartridges. Always a chance it's a shotgun pretending to be a rifle but you can get that new out of the … Fantastic article! I am thinking about getting a faster twist barrel than my Thompson Center Compass came with. Add text to both sides!It's also a bottle opener! This is due in large part to the fact that the cartridge uses heavier bullets and has more case capacity. Weight of the bullets in grains does not mean it is better in the wind. Unfortunately, the .300 H&H Magnum was so long that it required the use of a magnum length action. Good I went back to the .308 until I went to Africa again in late 90s and then 2004. in 99 I took a .300 Weatherby and a .375 Weatherby. No question it isn’t. Truly appreciate you watching the videos!Cinder blocks with these two power houses!! Here is a direct comparison of 300 Win Mag firing the popular 178gr A-MAX vs 7mm Rem Mag firing the popular 162gr A-MAX. The 7mm approaches it, and the 300 exceeds it. So while the cartridge was moderately popular among shooters and hunters prior to World War II, the outsized length of the .300 H&H hampered more widespread acceptance of the cartridge and contributed to its decline in popularity during the ensuring decades. I own both, and I still preferred the 7mm. Open to any opinion on size and make.Thanks. I used the Hornady Ballistic calculator and to compare wind drift and recoil for the cartridges. Put your favourite caliber, rifle make or saying on it. Inspired by wildcat experiments, the Dakota cartridges and especially the John … That being said, both cartridges have a moderate recoil that most shooters should be able to handle. The table below compares how much a 10 mile per hour crosswind impacts those same 4 loads out to 500 yards.The two Barnes loads have almost an identical amount of wind drift, but the 7mm Rem Mag Nosler AccuBond load has a slight edge over the .300 Win Mag AccuBond load. You’re 100% correct about the 6.5 Creedmoor. The 06 isn’t the greatest cartridge that one can buy but it is far from being a slouch. I own lots of guns but have no use for the 7mm rem mag. (I felt guilty, like I had betrayed an old friend, which my old 7mm is.) 7mm Rem Mag vs. 300 Win Mag 1)) Load each of them with the very ‘maximum’ amount of powder each case will safely hold, and also with exact same type of powder. As an example, 150 grain and 175 grain .284″ bullets. On the contrary, it’s a fantastic cartridge that’s extremely popular for good reason. hunters and very informative for both new and veteran hunters alike. Norma made a big splash when they rolled out the .308 Norma Magnum in the early 1960s. Thank you help me make this decision, any info would be appreciated. Action V – Magnum Action – 7mm Rem Mag, .300 Win Mag, .338 Win Mag, & .375 H&H Mag. The 7mm shoots .284-inch diameter bullets through bores .28-inch across, but only two use this Imperial measuring system in their titles: .280 Remington and .284 Winchester, both excellent but under-rated “standard” velocity cartridges. Like the .308 Norma, the .300 Winchester Magnum essentially duplicated the performance of the .300 H&H Magnum in a shorter case that fit in a standard length rifle action. Looking at the recoil of the .300 Win Mag vs .300 WSM is important for understanding certain situations that you might favor one over the other. Thinking of buying my first hunting rifle – a Savage 110 No. I have haven't had any problems with my 7mm Rem Mag, which is my go to big game rifle that I purchased in 2007 and have killed 4 bull elk, 4 mule deer, 4 whitetail bucks, 1 pronghorn and over a dozen feral hogs with. I bought a Winchester Model 7mm Remington Magnum. 7mm Rem Mag vs. 300 Win Mag 1)) Load each of them with the very ‘maximum’ amount of powder each case will safely hold, and also with exact same type of powder. 300 Win Mag vs 338 Lapua vs 338 Win Mag: Picking The Right Heavy Hitter. For me the recoil really is a problem though. Hope this helps! In a Ruger M77 mk1 with a equally vintage Weaver 3x scope, its been more than adequate on game out to 300 yards for me, and my uncle recalls and boasts about my dad making a 500 yard shot on a Sask Whitetail in the early 80s. :-) Either will drop game reliably at distance. would have it, when I arrived home after work yesterday the moose call was in In the WSM .270 fans found a short, powerful, efficient round that could be housed in compact, lightweight short-action rifles and which edged closer to 7mm Rem. However, they really shine in situations where hunters need a flat shooting cartridge for taking shots out past 200-300 yards. For that reason, the 7mm Rem Mag and .300 Win Mag are both very popular among hunters in the western United States. The .300 Win Mag has a slightly greater overall length (3.34″ vs 3.29″), but they are close enough in size that both cartridges are used in standard/long-action rifles. Among others, the Remington Model 700, Browning X-Bolt, CZ-550, Mossberg Patriot, Nosler M48, Ruger M77 Hawkeye, Savage 11/111, Thompson Center Compass, Tikka T3X, Weatherby Mark V and Vanguard, and the Winchester Model 70 are all available in 7mm Remington Magnum and .300 Winchester Magnum. As far as the discussion between the 300 short mag and the 7mm mag I think you are splitting hairs. Since they are such popular bullet sizes used by other cartridges like the 7mm-08 Remington, .280 Ackley Improved, .308 Winchester, and .30-06 Springfield, and 30o PRC, there are lots and lots of .284 and .308 caliber bullets of varying weights and styles to choose from, so you shouldn’t have much trouble working up a custom load that shoots very accurately in your chosen rifle. —which has been with us since 1963—has as a firm hold on the market, and in all sincerity it handles a good number of situations very well. All were dispatched appropriately. For instance, the vast majority of 7mm Rem Mag factory loads shoot bullets in the 139-175 grain range. Remington produced the 300 Win Mag in 1999 and this is also the first cartridge of the 30-caliber Either will neatly terminate deer, sheep, elk and larger game so long at the shooter delivers the right bullet to the right spot. As an example, 150 grain and 175 grain .284″ bullets have sectional densities of .266 and .310 respectively. Even so, they have different strengths and weaknesses and the 7mm Rem Mag vs 300 Win Mag debate is still going strong over 50 years later. Download Image. I have an ought six,seven mag and.338 mag. The 7mm WSM, 25 WSSM, and 223 WSSM are the guests of honor at a wake near you. This was particularly true for the .30-06 Springfield, which has long been the standard against which new centerfire rifle cartridges are measured against in the United States. Mag. 7mm Wsm Vs. 7mm Rem Mag 7mm Remington Magnum (7 Rem Mag) Barrel Length Versus 7mm-08 Defeats 308 Again Image detail for 300 Wsm Vs 7mm Rem Mag : Title: 300 Wsm Vs 7mm Rem Mag Date: July 22, 2019 Size: 135kB Resolution: 582px x 668px More Galleries of 300 Win Mag Races 7mm Rem Again! 11-19-2011, 06:15 PM #5: NWDomer. We put 3 popular cartridges to a head-to-head-to-head test For what it’s worth, I’d personally lean towards the 300 Win Mag, but both cartridges would probably work very well for your purposes when you use high quality ammo. 7mm Weatherby Magnum: 1 in 9 1/4" Remington 700: 7mm Weatherby Magnum : 1 in 9 1/2" Weatherby Mark V (present) 7mm Weatherby Magnum: 1 in 10" Weatherby (1965) 7mm Weatherby Magnum : 1 in 12" Weatherby (old) 7mm WSM : 1 in 9 1/2" Winchester 70, Browning: 7mm-08 Remington: 1 in 9" Wichita, MOA: 7mm-08 Remington: 1 in 9 1/4" Remington: 7mm … But the 300 WSM is also a great choice. I’m a bit of a rookie when it comes to big game hunting, six deer and two bull Elk. It’s a superb round. Laurie wrote to us:"I just wanted to let you know how much I love I had a 7mm before, love the caliber, but sold the 700. most seasoned moose hunter will find of value. mag performance wise. As luck Note: while the case capacity figures listed below do give a good indication of the differences between the two cartridges, exact case capacities vary slightly according to the brand of brass used. 7mm rem mag is good, but higher chance to hit and … One was a moose steak. All that being said, the 7mm Rem Mag still has a slight edge with most bullets in common use, even when compared to heavier .30 caliber bullets. This is ture, but my tikka 300 wsm even over 100 thous off land and factory mag feed, it shoots better than seating it out to land. That Barnes Triple Shock was also recovered perfectly mushroomed poking the far side of the hide. Both the 7mm Rem Mag and .300 Win Mag will work just fine under these circumstances and there isn’t much of a difference between them ballistically inside of 300 yards. It's got dies and some brass with it. Mag. Glad you found the article helpful Al. As you’d expect from the fact that the two cartridges are very similar in overall size, the ballistics of the 7mm Rem Mag and .300 Win Mag are pretty similar. Like all 7mms, they can fire bullets as light as 100-grains and as heavy as 180-grains. Buy some outstanding .300 Winchester Magnum hunting ammo here. Do you spend a lot of time in the mountains or the backcountry mountain goat, sheep, or tahr hunting where it’s really nice to have a lightweight rifle? In my case, for most situations, I do prefer the somewhat lower recoil of the 7mm Rem Mag. RE: 300 WSM Vs 7mm Rem Mag Which is better for big game I have a 7mm mag best rifle I've ever had but the same goes to my dad who has a 300 WSM both perfect for any kind of game in the states. Hope this helps, BEST 6.5 CREEDMOOR AMMO FOR HUNTING ELK, DEER, & OTHER BIG GAME, .405 Winchester: Roosevelt’s Medicine Gun For Lions, 9 Best Muzzleloader Scopes For Hunters In 2020,, 6.5 Creedmoor vs 243 Winchester Review & Comparison, 6.5 Creedmoor vs 7mm-08 Remington Review & Comparison, 6.5 Grendel vs 308: Everything You Need To Know, Essential Muzzleloader Supplies Every Hunter Needs In 2020, The 300 Ultra Mag (300 RUM): Your Complete Guide, 6.8 SPC vs 6.5 Grendel: What You Need To Know, 6.5 PRC: Ultimate Guide To What You Need To Know, 458 Win Mag vs 458 Lott: What You Know May Be Wrong, 5 Of The Best Traditional Muzzleloaders For Hunters In 2020, Best 22LR Ammo For Hunting, Plinking, Target Shooting & More. Happy hunting, (160 … Tikk T3 Lite A fine choice for a Moose HUnting Rifle, New to hunting, won a moose draw in BC. It isn’t extreme long range but I’ve been in the field enough to prefer to shoot game at under 300 yards and preferably even under 100 yards if circumstances allow. Indeed, the 7mm Mag will shoot the same weight bullet faster than the .30-06. Remington claims that the ballistics of the 7mm SAUM equal those of the popular 7mm Rem. The 7mm Rem Mag overall length is slightly smaller than the.300 Win Mag – 3.34 inches against 3.29 inches. But when hunting moose in Alaska I did go with a 300 WM for the bullet weight. Nosler provided the load data used to compare trajectory, case capacity, and recoil for the cartridges (here and here). I can’t count the number of large Russian boars I’ve downed with one shot with the 06 and proper bullets at up to 250 yards.One last thought, it is more powerful than the increasingly popular 308 and shines head and shoulders above it when it comes to using heavy for caliber bullets. On the other hand, the .300 Winchester Magnum has a slightly longer case length (2.62″ vs 2.5″) as well as a shoulder that sits .156″ further forward than the shoulder of the 7mm Rem Mag. Book an incredible African safari hunt here. Join in and write your own page! I have owned a Remington 7mm mag rifle(s) and used it almost exclusively for hunting deer, elk and moose since 1968. Thanks for your comment Bentley! Mag., or become just another .300 magnum in the herd. … Thank you so much for having such wonderful ways to fix moose. vs. .300 Win. Does the perfect muley cartridge really exist? Want to learn how to hunt moose? Best of luck to you with your upcoming hunts! When using quality bullets and with good shot placement, both the 7mm Rem Mag and .300 Win Mag are excellent for hunting medium to large sized game at virtually all practical hunting ranges. Do you want an ideal cartridge for moose, elk, kudu, eland, and/or red stag hunting? Very knowledgeable comments. used the 7mm alot from the 80s and for me it was a pretty hard kicker not much less than a .300 Win Mag. Do you hunt in Canada or Alaska and need a heavy hitting cartridge just in case you find yourself on the wrong end of a brown or grizzly bear attack? ballistics. The Barnes Triple Shock was recovered perfectly mushroom poking the hide of the far side. This time period saw a wave of new belted magnum cartridges based on the .375 H&H Magnum (like the .264 Winchester Magnum, .338 Winchester Magnum, and .458 Winchester Magnum).

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