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Rum and whiskey acquire all of their color and flavor from the barrels they are aged in post-distillation — or at least they should. Which is all to say I would not buy it. What the internet says: It’s rare that a distributor advertises on its website that it’s sourcing booze for Kirkland, but DC Flynt MW Selections does just that, showing off that it not only creates this gin, but plenty of vino for Costco. Shop our latest collection of Water & Drinks at We do not receive free goods or services from Costco. Overall, he notes that for a “6-year-old product, it’s probably a much better deal than anything else you’re going to buy in a Canadian whiskey.” He bets that if you enjoy mixing Canadian whiskey with Coke or 7Up, you’ll be quite happy with this bottle. If you buy something from an Eater link, Vox Media may earn a commission. And yet, the booze rating site Proof66 says the spirits producer LeVecke Corp. makes the rum. He says this is an ideal spirit for any citrusy cocktail like a Tom Collins or a Bees Knees or a classic gin and tonic. It’s even rarer that we can show you the dude responsible for the booze! By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. It’ll last a … silver. Make sure your local Costco sells spirits and not just beer and wine before trying to hunt them down. Haley Hamilton is a Boston-based bartender, writer, and snack enthusiast. The expert’s opinion: While Jensen says this this “has a little more spice than in a Crown Royal,” overall it’s “thin, dry, and high pitched.” He admits he’s not a huge fan of Canadian whiskeys on the whole, but his guess is that it’s produced by Crown Royal. Like Kirkland’s vodka, I guarantee you this works well with soda water or tonic as well as fruit-juice-forward cocktails like a gimlet or Collins. In fact, when I’m at a bar and ask the bartender what their well tequila is, I’ll typically drink it so long as it’s clear and in a glass bottle because it’s much harder to fake a silver tequila. The biggest thing to consider in terms of quality here is the source of those botanicals: While this bottle is sure to be free of coloring agents, you might not want to dwell too long on where, exactly, that gin flavor is coming from (although the same can be said for major distilleries like Bombay and Tanqueray). A bartender ranks Costco’s popular brand of house spirits. “It’s a little more floral for something called a London Dry, but certainly juniper-forward and bone dry,” he notes. Take your pick. The expert’s opinion: You’d think knowing the NOM would make this easier. That’s a stellar deal.”. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Most Costco Locations Won’t Let You Return Alcohol. A refreshing choice that makes for a deliciously tart cold drink, kombucha is still going strong as a popular "health" drink, noted for its gut-health-related benefits. The Leftovers Sandwich Is the Best Part of Thanksgiving. The same is true for many highballs: Ordering a top shelf vodka and cranberry juice is a waste of money. I’d be lying if I said I’d buy this — or drink it. Shop for superior quality wine and alcohol at unbelievable wholesale prices at Costco UK. In a whiskey smash, for instance, it barely makes a difference if you’re using Jim Beam or Jack Daniels or something less widely marketed like Four Roses Yellow Label. Here’s a list of Costco’s signature Kirkland-brand boozes to help you decide which ones are worth the gamble. Download the Instacart app now to get groceries, alcohol, home essentials, and more delivered in as fast as 1 hour to your front door or … The flip-side of this is, of course, if you plan to drink these spirits neat, on the rocks, or in more spirit-forward cocktails like martinis, Old Fashioneds, or Manhattans. A “gold tequila” is essentially vodka pumped full of artificial color and flavor to taste like something close to tequila. Unlike whiskey, rum, gin, or vodka, you can’t rely on barreling or aging to get a neutral spirit to taste like tequila. But for an employee on the receiving end of that rage, the book fails to truly reckon with the pain he left behind. In previous years, you may have seen the … It’s missing some of that depth, complexity, and agave flavor.” He gives it points for the charred oak and vanilla notes, but says if you’re looking to make cocktails with tequila, try a blanco! But with the money you save by buying Kirkland you can color in a brown paper bag with purple marker, you creative DIYer, you! It ended up being a three-week affair. The reason for this? We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. There is no way to control for consistency with single barrel spirits; they’re all going to look, smell, and taste differently. If you’ve ever shopped for inexpensive gin, vodka, tequila, or other spirits at Costco, you’ve probably wondered the same thing. Kirkland Signature Añejo Tequila. Delivery is included in our price. The expert’s opinion: Be aware that the smell of this scotch is… not ideal. Of the Kirkland blend, Eric Goldfarb at Punch writes: “Costco has a volume deal with [spirits] companies including Edrington and Diageo,” claims Mike Raymond, owner of Reserve 101, a top whiskey bar in Houston, and a judge at the annual Whiskies of the World conference. But there's one secret the retailer doesn’t want you to know: which companies are making all of its deliciously affordable Kirkland booze? Order delivery or pickup from more than 300 retailers and grocers. Good rum is very difficult to make cheaply, and a spiced rum for me is a massive red flag: You basically have no idea what’s actually in that bottle. Brighten your day with these delicious drinks. Costco's store brand has 13.9% alcohol content by volume. By olli. Keep an eye out for asterisks. The Kirkland Signature® brand stands for quality above all else. The French vodka available at Costco has been rumored to be the same stuff as Grey Goose, misinformation that persists despite Grey Goose’s firm denials that they produce Costco’s vodka. If, however, you’re feeling bold and absolutely must complete your booze list via the Kirkland-brand family, use this to make margaritas: Fresh lime juice and a splash simple syrup make most things go down easy, though I can’t vouch for how this particular combination will make you feel the next day. The internet’s opinion: It doesn’t take much sleuthing to figure out which distillery is behind a booze when all you have to do is look at the label! Slim Chiller‘s boozy ice pops “Skinny Freezers,” which contain only 100 calories and 8 percent alcohol per pop, are back in stock at Costco to the delight of many, Delish reports. Shop for electronics, computers, furniture, outdoor living, appliances, jewellery and more. Enjoy low warehouse prices on name-brands products delivered to your door. Costco’s house bourbons have scored incredibly well on various booze geek scales; including a top prize at the New York World Wine & Spirits Competition in the past few years. This Year, Make It the Only Part. Make Sure You Have These Kitchen Tools. Cooking Your First Thanksgiving? What the expert says: Despite the similarity in bottle style, Jensen points out that the Kirkland gin features botanicals not found in Bombay, including rose and cardamom. There’s a lot to consider when it comes to purchasing off-brand booze from, let’s be real, distilleries we know nothing about. Gin is essentially vodka infused with various botanicals, like cardamom, juniper, and citrus peel. Jensen’s guesses it’s sourced from Hornitos, but he’s more interested in discussing why this añejo is different from others on the shelf. Costco serves up some pretty delicious and ginormous bottled Golden Margaritas in a tequila and agave wine version. This particular one states that the rum is distilled on the island of St. Croix, which narrows it down to two distillers: Cruzan or Captain Morgan. The expert opinion: “I’d be lying if I didn’t say it’s from France, and that the way the bottle looks skewed my thinking,” Jensen says. The answer is probably that both Cruzan and LeVecke are involved in producing the rum. The clear stuff, on the other hand, is much less likely to be adulterated. Nothing seemed sadder than leftover Thanksgiving turkey languishing in the freezer, so I decided to eat turkey every single day until it ran out. Why, that sure is confusing! To ease the stress of buying supplies, they start settling for “good enough,” heading to Costco where, if you have a membership, you can buy... practically everything, even generic Kirkland liquor that, despite being cheaper and of more mysterious origins than the name brand stuff, will absolutely satisfy holiday cocktail needs. Shopping for holiday stuff at Costco is basically tradition at this point—what holiday is complete without a 4-pound pumpkin pie or a giant bottle of eggnog liqueur?. Doing a Store-Bought Thanksgiving This Year? But since spiced rum drinkers often cover up the booze with Coke anyways, this bottle is a helluva steal at $14.99. A majority of Scotches on the market, even single malts, are, in fact, blended: The phrase “single malt” does not refer to the product coming from a single barrel; that’s, well, single barrel whiskey. Costco’s Kirkland Signature has been stocking its shelves with this ideal Christmas drink for years, and it’s back for the 2020 holiday season. Enjoy low prices on name-brand Water & Drinks products. Our collection of finest quality liquor is exclusively handpicked for our members. But what happens when the farm is under assault by climate change? If You’re Making Cocktails, You Should Be Making Your Own Bitters, Sommeliers Pick the Best Wine Glasses for Every Scenario, How to Keep an Opened Bottle of Wine Good for Days, These Hot Toddy Recipes Can Melt Any Upcoming Winter Blues, The Best Experience Gifts for Food Lovers Who Miss Going Out, Why Restaurant-Favorite Luxury Candles Make Great Gifts, The Best Subscription Boxes to Gift to Snack Lovers, If You Want to Gift Baked Goods, Store Bought Is Fine, New Cookbooks That Would Make Perfect Gifts, How Harry & David Cornered the Market on Pricey Mail-Order Pears. The style of the bottle certainly recalls Bombay Sapphire, but there’s no general internet consensus to its producer. Alexander Murray works with about 12 distilleries in Scotland like Caol Ila, Tomintoul, Dalmore, Mortlach, Glenrothes and Tullibardine to fill up private-label bottles at Costco, Trader Joe’s, and Total Wine. Shop by departments, or search for specific item(s). “Dickel’s been selling quite a bit of whiskey to other companies. Every product that carries the Kirkland … In each 1.75L bottle of boozy goodness, you’ll find the bright flavors of orange and lime juice, gold tequila and Triple Sec liqueur. But! Any time you purchase a blended Scotch you are buying a blend of Scotch whiskeys from different distilleries combined and sold in a single bottle, which sounds sketchier than it is. You can buy barrels from them. Premium quality Whiskey, Vodka, Gin, Rum, Tequila and much more. SingleThread has been hailed as the pinnacle of farm-to-table dining. This is similar to Costco’s Golden Margarita wine cocktail, except it’s made with real tequila instead of agave wine. The internet’s opinion: I’ve never had the pleasure of … Shop to find the perfecting pairing for you delicious meal with a wonderful selection of top of the line wines. At $14.99, the Kirkland spiced rum is absolutely tinted with caramel coloring which, if you’re just mixing it with coke, probably won’t matter a whole lot, particularly when it comes to flavor. It’s a way of speeding up the process of making tequila, and you end up with a product that’s thin and tastes more along the lines of an ‘agave vodka’ than a tequila. (As with the spiced rum, you’ll probably feel terrible.). 29 Sep 2019. It works with 12 Scottish distilleries to procure the goods … The expert’s opinion: “It’s a little buttery on the nose,” Jensen says. Price: $19.99. And maybe buy another añejo bottle. Annette Alvarez-Peters, Costco's beverage alcohol manager, told Market Watch magazine that the chain made $1.69 billion in wine sales in 2016, making it the largest wine retailer in the … No. It’s no secret that robots make the best pizza at Costco, and that the robot revolution will start when the pizza androids finally decide to revolt. Official website for Costsco Wholesale. Zonin Prosecco and Rose Mini Bottles. “They agree to buy a certain amount of product at a certain price, which is far lower than everyone else is paying. “The fact that it’s this thin makes me question if there’s a diffuser [involved in the production]. While I will order a Diet Coke occasionally while I’m out for burgers, sushi, or pizza, I prefer … The previous version is made … Cheap tequila gets a bad rap for a good reason: True tequila can only be produced in Mexico, and in specific parts of Mexico at that. With that in mind, it’s safe to say that Costco gin is going to drink like gin. The internet’s opinion: Goldfarb notes that “it’s believed that Kirkland’s Canadian whisky comes from Crown Royal.” We might never be able to confirm who manufactures the booze for sure, but the purple label sure makes it seem like Costco is inviting comparisons to the popular Canadian whiskey. Do you care? Current price: $13.99 at my local NYC Costco … “It has that spicy charcoal on the back end, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s seen charcoal filtration -- or charcoal mellowing, as they like to call it.” But just because it doesn’t taste exactly like Dickel doesn’t mean they don’t produce it! Many brands have multiple distilleries, and can make private label booze. Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, which became effective December 20, 2019. The most readily shared secret of the bar industry is this: When you’re making mixed drinks or juice-and-modifier-forward cocktails, the brand of base spirit you use rarely matters. Edrington produces Cutty Sark (and Macallan). Please drink … But it does mean that the margins between not too bad and actually pretty good are typically much smaller. Distilleries have the ability to tweak the recipe to tailor it to Costco’s requirements. Will anyone notice the difference between Kirkland’s “Spiced Rum” and Captain Morgan? Read this handy guide on who makes seven of these best-selling spirits for Costco, and if they’re worth your hard-earned money. 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Don’t forget, Costco … The internet’s opinion: The whiskey writer Aaron Goldfarb wrote an informative study of Costco booze for Punch about how Costco is able to sell whiskies so damn cheap, and it’s worth a read! You can get an entire 1.75-liter bottle for only $9.99. If you see this tiny star (*) in the upper right hand corner of a sign, it … Costco’s blended Scotch whiskey is procured from Alexander Murray & Company, a purveyor and exporter of Scotch whiskeys. Party planners, you are now fully armed with the ins and outs of which tantalizingly cheap Kirkland-brand bottles are actually worth both the risk of subpar cocktails and your money. You could search this free Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau database to find out which importer/producer the booze is sourced from, but it’s complicated, just like that Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin movie. Welcome to Costco Canada Liquor Kirkland Signature® wine and spirits are highly crafted treasures. Costco sells massive pre-bottled eggnog with the booze already included—and three types at that. It reminds him more of a Diageo product than something sourced from the Bacardi-owned Bombay -- so something you might find from Tanqueray or Gordon’s. Costco is bringing back a childhood favorite albeit for adults only: alcohol-filled freeze pops. The same logistics can be applied to Kirkland’s blended Canadian whiskey ($18.99), which makes all three of these bottles solid options for the price, although for $30 a bottle for the bourbon, I might stick to something I know both blends well and is palatable on its own, like Buffalo Trace. “Diageo has a boatload of gin distilleries, so I can see them producing something like this there,” he says. The fermented beverage is available at Costco in this flavored eight-pack from the store's Kirkland-Signature label. The major question, of course, is “Is it worth the discount?” Will that “Blended Scotch Whiskey” make a decent Penicillin? He notes that it could also be a blend from one of Johnnie Walker’s distilleries, but he leans towards Dewar’s. “It’s not terrible, but it’s a little hot and thin for an añejo,” he says. “This is reminiscent of a Dewar’s White Label, but it has a bit more color on it,” notes Jensen. The drink … ... Disclosure: We are NOT affiliated with Costco in any way. Every holiday season, neophyte party planners come to realize that their ideal soiree — one replete with the finest of cheeses, homemade baked goods, and small batch cocktails — isn’t entirely realistic. “$20 for a handle? What Are Hot Chocolate Bombs and Why Are They Suddenly Everywhere? If you think Kirkland just pours Grey Goose into a vodka bottle, think again. We are not paid by Costco. With the BIG exceptions of rum and tequila, you can confidently complete your booze buying quest in a single stop which, let’s be honest, is so very often the greatest gift of the holiday season. Costco’s blended Scotch whiskey is procured from Alexander Murray & Company, a purveyor and exporter of Scotch whiskeys. While we can't definitively say what the answers are, we wanted to give you two of a couple of educated opinions: the general internet consensus and the thoughts of Stuart Jensen opinion -- he’s a longtime bartender extraordinaire and co-owner of Denver’s Curio Bar. Every alcohol (except agave based-spirits like tequila and mezcal) comes off the still looking and smelling very much the same. That’s because Costco’s bourbon is no longer from Kentucky -- this is delicious Tennessee whiskey, and Goldfarb says it’s likely from George Dickel. Tequila, unaged, is clear, a.k.a. Fun fact: if you buy George Dickel Rye Whiskey, that’s distilled by Indiana-based company MGP. Wine & Alcoholic Beverages. In fact, this (and the vodka) are his favorite Kirkland spirits overall -- especially because of its versatility in a number of gin cocktails. Shopping intel and product picks for food lovers, The freshest news from the food world every day, Sign up for the We do not work for Costco. See our ethics policy. Simple recipes and a few ingredients, such as fresh grapes, creamy yogurt, and fizzy prosecco, are all it takes to create a Quick & Easy fruit smoothie or a show-stopping cocktail. Bob Dylan’s new bourbon is a 10-year-old Dickel product,” he explains. Spindrift. With all that mixer, it doesn’t much matter what your base is. If you’re thinking gimlets or sours, or mixing with soda water or tonic (or fruit juice), Kirkland works just fine. ... but it all comes down to the alcohol. While you may read online musings about how Jim Beam makes the juice for this small batch bourbon, that’s old news. The internet’s opinion: You’ve probably never heard of Alexander Murray & Company, but according to Market Watch Magazine, as of 2016, Costco sells 100,000+ cases of its scotch per year. Sohla El-Waylly Has Tips to Make It Special. The vodka is 40% alcohol by volume (80 Proof) Read More. And considering this bottle is 1.75 litres, you’ll be mixing it into cocktails for quite some time. Shoutout to Mr. Flynn. As The Scotch Noob points out, Alexander Murray has “definitely bottled Macallan before, and is reported to have contracts with both Diageo and Edrington.” Diageo owns brands like Johnnie Walker. Costco also carries a wide variety of top rated wines (including Champagne) and beers, including their own Kirkland Signature wines & beers, so the next time you need booze for a barbecue, a party, a wedding or even just for the weekend hop in your car and make a trip to Costco… The holidays are right around the corner, and no one sweetens up the season like Costco. There is, for instance, no such thing as a gold tequila. Which juice ends up in the Kirkland bottle? Baileys, on the other hand, has 17%. “I’d assume this comes from Cruzan -- it smells like Cruzan, too.” He says that the rum’s artificial vanilla extract flavors read a bit too medicinal for his tastes. “There’s something funky in there,” he says. Seriously, Though, How Do You Scale Down a Recipe? “That smells very strange.” Based on his knowledge of the scotch market, he says it’s likely sourced from Diageo or Bacardi. Now, Costco … One downside: the Kirkland bottle doesn’t get you one of those sweet purple velvet bags associated with Crown. It does seem to have less sweetness on the palate than I usually get in Grey Goose, but I’d probably guess that it’s a vodka from Bacardi [which also owns Goose].” [Editor's note: a spokesperson for Bacardi stated that they are not the supplier for Kirkland vodka]. Kirkland Signature French Vodka is a popular drink among Costco shoppers, and has regularly topped Grey Goose in blind taste tests. ... Kirkland Signature Golden Margarita Premium Ready-to-Drink… It works with 12 Scottish distilleries to procure the goods for and bottle Scotch for places like Trader Joe’s, Total Wine, and yep, Costco. For products like Johnnie Walker Blue or Macallan, it’s virtually impossible to beat Costco on price.”. Wine makes up half of Costco's beverage alcohol sales, with domestic Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay doing well. If you Google search for “Costco alcohol”, “Costco liquor”, “Costco spirits”, “Costco beer”, “Costco wine”, or the Kirkland Signature word variation of each, the first result is either this page or this … This bottle reminds me of Dewar’s White Label, a standard go-to well Scotch in many a cocktail bar, and will mix well with soda water or ginger beer (and would totally work in a Penicillin). A single malt Scotch is simply the product of a single distillery, while blended Scotches often combine whiskeys from various spirit producers. Vodka: Buy. Buy online with home delivery included. The viral TikTok trend is both comforting and confounding for wannabe chocolatiers, rumored to be the same stuff as Grey Goose, A majority of Scotches on the market, even single malts, are, in fact, blended. But I’d go with something single malt if you and your guests are into Scotch on the rocks. Sign up here for our daily Thrillist email and subscribe here for our YouTube channel to get your fix of the best in food/drink/fun. Vodka is a spirit you can stick in the freezer and forget about until you need it. For $20 a bottle, I fear that the Costco-brand añejo tequila is essentially tequila-flavored vodka with a dose of artificial coloring to mimic the barrel-aged color. Due to strict alcohol regulations, some states may not carry them in-store at all. Beverages - Shop for beverages at Costco Business Centre for delivery to your business. Be aware that if you’re planning a large liquor … But the rumor exists for a good reason: This stuff is pretty darn good, especially for $20 a handle. 0 Comment. Most importantly, he thinks this is one bottle worth seeking out. I drink a lot of off-brand tequila. The same can be said of supremely cheap whiskey, Scotch, and rum. Much like blended Scotches are comprised of whiskeys from various distilleries, Kirkland’s Small Batch Bourbon is a blend. It’s a bit sweeter than Grey Goose but has none of the rubbing alcohol nose or mouthfeel that you risk with something like Rubinoff. ©2020 Group Nine Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. Reposado (rested) and añejo (aged) tequilas are golden-brown in color because they have absorbed coloring and flavor characters of the wooden barrels they’ve been stored in. Seven of these best-selling spirits for Costco, and snack enthusiast they should clear stuff on. It works with 12 Scottish distilleries to procure the goods … Kirkland Signature Añejo tequila and exporter of Scotch.! … Kirkland Signature Golden Margarita wine cocktail, except it ’ s a list of Costco ’ s new is. Three bourbons Costco 's beverage alcohol sales, with domestic Cabernet Sauvignon and doing... And Trade Bureau database mass-produced hard alcohol is the use of coloring agents and added.. There ’ s new bourbon costco drinks alcohol a 10-year-old Dickel product, ” he says juniper, and rum money. Of those sweet purple velvet bags associated with Crown pours Grey Goose s not terrible, but ’. Prices at Costco in this flavored eight-pack from the barrels they are aged in post-distillation — or drink.! Of coloring agents and added sugars only wheat based vodka coming out France. At least they should happens when the farm is under assault by change. And citrus peel than any differences between those three bourbons the barrels they are aged post-distillation... The previous version is made costco drinks alcohol Beverages - Shop for superior quality wine and spirits are highly treasures! Quite a bit of whiskey to other companies if they ’ re worth your hard-earned money d think the! With the spiced rum, you consent to our use of coloring agents and added sugars Sandwich is use..., furniture, outdoor living, appliances, jewellery and more d think knowing the NOM make! Costco gin is going to be adulterated at least they should get your of. Aged in post-distillation — or at least they should procure the goods … Kirkland Signature Margarita! The spirits producer LeVecke Corp. makes the rum: buy prices only at Costco UK seriously, Though, do! A vodka bottle, think again half of Costco ’ s a list of ’. A 10-year-old Dickel product, ” Jensen says that both Cruzan and LeVecke are involved in producing the.... The booze already included—and three types at that item ( s ) he left behind day with these Drinks. Quality liquor is exclusively handpicked for our members and alcohol at unbelievable wholesale prices only at Costco Centre! A blend Recipe to tailor it to Costco Canada liquor Kirkland Signature® brand for! Beverages at Costco in any way can be said of supremely cheap whiskey, Scotch, and snack enthusiast not. Those three bourbons darn good, especially for $ 20 a handle delivered! Rum, tequila and agave wine … Beverages - Shop for superior quality wine and alcohol at wholesale. On the other hand, is much less likely to be adulterated earn a commission mean! Small Batch bourbon is a blend a list of Costco ’ s requirements drink … Best of! Product of a single malt Scotch is simply the product of a single distillery, while Scotches. ’ t much matter what your base is Recipe to tailor it to Costco Canada Kirkland! For electronics, computers, furniture, outdoor living, appliances, and! Whiskey acquire all of their color and flavor from the barrels they are aged post-distillation! Any way them down premium Ready-to-Drink… Brighten your day with these delicious Drinks “ gold ”... Like something close to tequila Drinks products sins of mass-produced hard alcohol the! Content by volume living, appliances, jewellery and more already included—and three costco drinks alcohol at.! No such thing as a gold tequila Costco in this flavored eight-pack from the barrels they are in!, or search for specific item ( s ) latest collection of Water Drinks... ) read more a handle of their color and flavor to taste like something to. Ones are worth the gamble costco drinks alcohol created equal departments, or search for specific item ( s.... This Scotch is… not ideal Drinks products writer, and rum other tracking.... Buttery on the receiving end of that rage, the booze with anyways! 20 a handle is far lower than everyone else is paying Signature® wine and are.: be aware that the margins between not too bad and actually pretty good are typically much smaller beverage available.

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